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We are often asked by investors whether credit card receivables are a proxy for installment loan performance.

This week, we dig into credit performance of credit card securitizations representing over 0 Bn in consumer credit ABS deals.

Fixed income revenues were flat year-over-year trailing double-digit business unit gains across peers including JPM, C, MS, and BAC.

Bloomberg reports that, Navient, the largest servicer of student loans, reached an agreement to purchase JPMorgan’s approximately .9 Bn FFELP education loan portfolio.

Area 47 yielded by far the largest discovery from the four international licensing rounds held since the 2004 introduction of the EPSA-IV model.

New Credit Card ABS issuance is expected to grow in the wake of higher rates and funding costs from deposits.

Post-2008, new ABS issuance contracted significantly, including in the credit card markets.

Wider spreads and higher capital charges also reduced available sources of funding for consumer credit.

Post-crisis, non-bank lenders emerged to fill the lending gap by offering installment loan products to expand access to credit.

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