Dating your coworker

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So the manager politely asked me to quit, I did, and then worked at the Marble Slab almost directly across the street.

Their ice cream was better than Coldstone anyway.” via GIPHY “She was my boss. And to answer your next question; Yes, she’s still the boss.” “I’m in a relationship with someone from the same small (90 employee) company.

Like, ‘Well, Jane really kicked a– last summer, but she also had that horrible breakup with Jack, and while I think Jack would be fine if we promoted her, Jane might have major issues working with him.

Not to mention they both slept with John from maintenance.'” “After she dumped me, I hated work.

Moved to two more jobs together before I finally changed careers.

We have been together 14 years.” “I’m dating my coworker from my last job.

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When it comes time for promotions, we legitimately have to consider who has slept with who and how that will affect morale and the team.

I was a new hire, she had been there a couple years.

We dated for about three months, then I, as civilly as possibly, broke it off between us.

Here are 19 stories that prove literally anything can happen, from fist fights to childbirth. It was always assumed by waitstaff that he was my father, and when they found out he was my date they would look at me knowingly and judgmentally, as if I were after his money (which I never was).” “I met my current SO at the office.

(Hopefully not in the same sitting.) via GIPHY “I met my boyfriend at Wendy’s. Meeting in the freezer for kisses, winking at each other and just generally stealing glances at each other … Eventually the woman’s husband found out about it and threatened to come to our office and shoot the guy dead. The guy is still viewed as being on partner track but all the partners know about his affair and it will probably stop it from happening.” via GIPHY “I’ve been married for 15 years to her. We kept our romance secret to the point that we still have to lie to people about our anniversary.

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