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Whenever I ask for dating tips, some have asked me if I tried dating women with disabilities.

Being advised to stick to your own kind is ironic coming from people who claim to be anti-racist.

She claimed her husband and a few friends believed she was developing feelings for her client.

After I talked with him, I decided to try and sign up as a client, too.

When I called, I was barely able to get one word through before the woman cut me off.

“I don’t think I can help you here, but I have some disability dating websites you can try,” she said. It’s not that I am opposed to them but all the ones I have tried are a) outdated, b) connect you with someone in the middle of another country, c) are filled with college students trying to complete an “interview of a disabled person” term paper or d) filled with people who have fantasies about making love to someone with artificial limbs.

In the nicest way possible, I made it clear to the woman that I wanted some real help in the dating game from a person, not a search engine.“Well I am not sure I can help you,” she said. Maybe she’s implying that she might be forced to set me up with dates with a few different women before I find the right one. Her rationale that there might not be enough clients interested in dating guys like me may be true.

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