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Before we address the reasons why your Pi may not be booting, there are some important facts you should know.With no SD card inserted, note how the ACT LED behaves (hint, it won't blink! Now insert a programmed card and power up, and that behaviour should change.If it does not, this indicates that Pi cannot see the necessary files on the SD card.For a demonstration, watch this video of a model B: the ACT LED is the one on the left-hand side.Also, when using NOOBS, make sure that you always do a full format, with the Format Size Adjustment option ON ! you can get it for free here: https:// Note that in version 5, or later, of this program you just need to click on the "overwrite on" choice button, "format size adjust" from version 5 onward is now always the default. If you need to format a card that is SDXC (64GB or larger) read this: https:// ...

, Meaning the PI can read files from the card, the ACT LED will flicker intermittently for 20-30 seconds.

If you do not have much time, you should try reading the second post in this thread, by drgeoff.

He has written a concise version of the essentials.

Recently "etcher" a promising new tool available for Mac, Linux and Windows promises to make the task of writing an image to an SD-card much simpler, it can be downloaded here: https://

Always use it with the very latest version of Raspbian, which is the best choice for a first boot, and the default OS. Another recent option is "PIbakery" a Windows/Mac and soon also a Linux image writing tool that can be used to painlessly create a custom installation of Raspbian, see this blog post about it: https:// The good thing about using an image writer is that you don't need to format the card at all, as writing an image overwrites anything on the card! recommended if your card just won't boot, but make sure you have no power problems!

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