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It's an extraordinary, moving ending to an unforgettable piece of art.

Yes, this is the final song on The video for "All Night" is truly a family affair, with Beyoncé's parents, Jay-Z and a smiling, pregnant Bey, Blue Ivy, and Jay's grandmother, Hattie White, all making an appearance.

Finally, we discover what "lemonade" means to Beyoncé.

She leads in to the final song with the story of a grandmother who passed strength and wisdom down through the generations—as well as the recipe for lemonade, a well-known symbol of bitterness turned sweet.

At just 1 minute and 19 seconds long, this song is the shortest on the album.

Against its haunting musical backdrop, the video honors black lives lost to police violence and the grief of those who mourn them.

It is a compilation of magnificent songs both new and old from already amazing artists that form an album I would place right behind Sleater-Kinney’s No City to Love as the best release in 2015.

The album is good enough that I’m second-guessing my decision to eschew all things Grey.And I will click play, mostly due to a man named Boots.A young college student desperate for tuition money moves into a house that streams content to an X-rated website.Key lyric: "Keep your money, I got my own." The Weeknd brings his signature croon to this anthem about women who command attention and respect.The accompanying video ends by zooming out on Beyoncé at the end of a darkened, red hallway, clad in rich brocades and standing in front of a burning house. Beginning in a dark forest echoing with the sound of birds, the video then cuts to a beautiful house where girls play in empty rooms: just one of the several gorgeous, moody transition shots throughout.

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