Master and slave chatting sites

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Katie, an adult step daughter, discovered her mother's submissive nature decided she would use her mother as the subject of her thesis and drive her into slavery.The first chapter gave the history of the family and how her step mom, Jackie was an easy mark.As time passed, Katie started to converse with her sister in chat rooms using a fake name and using a voice modification unit.Katie disguised her voice to sound like a man, effectively hiding her identity.

Over the next couple of months Katie watched both Jackie and Sarah go about their normal activities. It seemed Sarah also liked to look at porn as well as read erotic stories. As Katie monitored Sarah's online activity she logged her passwords and watched as Sarah regularly visited her favorite sites and masturbated while reading erotic stories almost every night.

She was perpetually horny and could hardly wait to get home each night to satisfy her needs and beg for permission to cum as each climax was more intense than the last. Katie smiled as she watched Jackie plead for the mysterious person to answer. She then typed, "OK slut, if you want control you need to follow my directions. If you want to continue this be here tomorrow at PM. If anyone she knew got ahold of either picture she could be ruined. Katie smiled and said, "If you want to ever cum again you will never question my commands again slut!

Jackie on the other hand wasn't able to satisfy her needs as often as her daughter, however when she did find the time and privacy the sessions were no less intense. I can scratch your itch and satisfy your desires." "How do you know what are my desires? You will have two pictures ready to send me, one of you standing naked, and one of you standing naked by all your toys."Her mysterious person then signed off. But deep down inside her gut her body had already made her decision. "Slut, you know I now have pictures and videos of you fucking your slutty cunt and cleaning your toys with your mouth. Please don't." "You disobeyed my command and now you have to be punished. Let alone what I can do to you if you refuse." "Yes master, I will do as you order. I'm so horny I can't stop leaking." "First I need to give you instructions for tonight." Katie said.

During these conversations Katie started to push her sister into sending pictures of herself and even on occasion turning on her web cam as she dominated her step sister into increasingly kinky things.

Last week she demanded that Sarah could no longer wear any underwear and could only cum with permission.

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