Officers dating cadets

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The legislation introduced by Vermont representative Justin Smith Morrill required states to sell 30,000 acres of public lands "for each senator and representative in Congress to a state," according to the Texas State Historical Association.

The photo shows the class of 1941 being commissioned at Guion Hall. Approximately 14,000 of them were officers, more than any other school, including military academies. by Dethloff, the entire classes of 1917, 19 entered the service.

Coke said at the opening ceremony: "Grave responsibilities rest upon you as upon all others connected with this college. The excellence of the college as an education institution will be determined by your progress, your proficiency, your submission to discipline, and by your general deportment.

And [your] future welfare and success in life will also depend upon the same considerations."Cadets today are required to memorize Coke's advice to uphold values of hard work, loyalty, selfless service and honor.

He even tried to lobby for women's admission, reasoning that the cadets would benefit by the "elevating influence of the good girls," according to university archives.

The Scott Guards, an elite drill team organized in 1887, was renamed the Ross Volunteers in 1890.

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