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But, after reviewing his license and registration, the cop asks the two women to step out of the car.Nervously, they do, and the cop asks them their ages, where they've been, and whether thereare any drugs in the car.Noticing Maxwell's stare, the coworker confides that the homeowner's daughter is blind.Sherarely leaves the house except for appointments or when one of her doctors come over.Over the next few minutes, the daughter goes about herpost-shower routine completely unaware of the fact she's not alone.Maxwell is transfixed and can't help but begin to stroke himself as he watches her.CUT to Maxwell standing lost in a trance watching her.

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One of them comes up and taps Maxwell on the shoulder.

A car pulls up to the side of the house, it's wheels skidding on the gravel.

From Maxwell's POV, we watch an older man as he hurriedly gets out and walks around to the side door to help a young woman step out.

We’re all taught which lines not to cross, which paths to avoid, and which thoughts we should keep to ourselves.

But, deep within us all, exists a curiosity to explore the darker sides of sex and forbidden fantasies.

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