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This is based off Hallmark's Christmas in Homestead and adapted for the Arrowverse.五年前,Oliver Queen被推测为死亡。他带着女儿回到星城,比起失踪,这更引发猜测。但Oliver不再是失踪前的那个Omega了。他现在身怀秘密:在夜晚化身治安维护者,女儿父亲的身份,肩膀和手腕上的结合印记。他不能冒险让任何一个秘密泄露出去。但他生命中的重要一员想知道他的秘密,这个人能够看穿他的面具。 Malcolm Merlyn不是愚人。他知道Oliver变了,彻底的变了。这个年轻的Omega身怀许多秘密。他或许就是那个差点摧毁Malcolm花了数年时间布置的计划的治安维护者。他不希望自己的调查结果揭示出Oliver在夜里真正干了些什么。他不希望自己的计划毁于一旦,也不希望自己的信念从心底动摇。 After the violent death of his wife, Malcolm Merlyn hoped to find his redemption by adopting a child.They are there with an offer, one Oliver is getting because he has spent almost all of his life atop a mystical convergence.He learns that while there may be 52/53 main Earths, they are simply base realities and each have an infinite number of variations; he is being offered a chance to take up the life of an Oliver Queen in one of these variations.Martin, George Henry, CBE, chairman Air Studios, for services to the recording industry.

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Felicity Smoak is a movie star who's come to Star City to shoot her new movie.Craven, John Anthony, chairman of Morgan Grenfell Group, for services to banking and to the City of London.Evans, Richard Harry, CBE, chief executive of British Aerospace, for services to the aerospace and defence industries.Isaacs, Jeremy, general director of the Royal Opera House, for services to broadcasting and to the arts.Jenkins, Elgar Spencer, OBE, for political and public service.

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