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Little do I know that solving his mystery only reveals a small part of what makes him the incredible man, he is; the man who makes me experience a true miracle – the miracle of falling in love.For more illustrations of this and other books by Marina Simcoe, please, visit Marina Simcoe Author page on Facebook.

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I really enjoy how she weave her first book with this. It was reccommended by one of my favorite author on FB, so I purchased it without having any expectations. Couldn't stop turning pages and stayed up late just reading through till I finish. Simcoe is amazing at storytelling urban fantasy fairy tales for adults. I couldn't put it down and blew through it in one day!

His talent and abilities fascinate me, his good looks reign over my imagination, and the mystery behind his mask keeps me awake at night.

My infatuation with him is what leads me to the greatest discovery of my life.

Marcus the Magnificent — the world’s newest and greatest Illusionist!

He became my obsession the moment I saw him walk across the sky on nothing but air.

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