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Ant admits: “It was the very end until I told anyone.” For the last three years Ant had been going to extreme lengths to keep his issues covered up.He explains: “It wasn’t until I came back home to London that I admitted I was in a bad way.The Saturday Night Takeaway, Britain’s Got Talent and I’m A Celebrity presenter is clean of all drugs other than paracetamol for the first time in three years — and looking healthy after losing a stone.Squeaky-clean Ant’s descent into dangerous prescription drugs came after he damaged his knee in 2014, then had a botched operation on it the following year.

“But then we found my pain had been caused by a hole in my knee bone — it was shot. “And I drank with them, which was stupid and very reckless. “You just think you know best — I’m in more pain, I’ll just whack another one down.

” Ant, 41, knew the game was up as he pleaded with his wife Lisa to get him to hospital after bingeing on tramadol, morphine and alcohol while recovering from a second knee operation in June.

He recalls: “It was five in the morning and I was screaming in pain so I rang Lisa. It was to the point of hearing things, seeing things in the garden and still the pain was getting worse.

NHS surgeons had to put him through a necessarily awful procedure to try to save his knee. Discussing what has gone on is a crucial part of staying clean.

He says: “By the time I’d got to hospital in June this year, I was just done, man. Ant’s recovery will be difficult given the huge pain and immobility from his knee injury. Following the dash to hospital, Ant agreed to go into rehab.

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