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During the recording, the DJs asked, "When filming for 'We Got Married,' did you have feelings for her?" Wooyoung answered frankly, "There is no way that you can film without thinking that.I can't believe he kissed you while you were sleeping."Wooyoung shared during his solo interview, "The drama just recently started...I'm going to point out if the scene was actually needed." Park Se Young also said, "Wooyoung's saying that the guy's weird for kissing me secretly. It's obvious she has zero interest in him she sees him as a dongsaeng and nothing more.

Because they keep watching and critize the show that they dislike.

On their way to the mineral spring, the on-screen husband and wife saw the wish tower and decided to make wishes.

^_^ On the July 26 broadcast of the MBC variety program “We Got Married,” on-screen couple 2PM’s Wooyoung and Park Se Young were shown going on a hike on the Cheonggye Mountain.

Now I understand why the ratings were low cause man this drama was boringggg and I'm the type that has to finish a drama even if it is bad because I feel hopeful but nope nothing hopeful here.....

The only good outcome was the ost in this show was nice but that's all folks This drama is a much watch drama..

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