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Allow me to make a comparison that would make most English, Theater and Literature professors want to shoot me.

While Vince Russo and Michael Hayes do not represent the current generation's William Shakespeares, they do have to construct stories with somewhat similar circumstances.Chris Jericho might know this to be true more than anyone, as he has trained as a wrestler his whole career and was on Figure skating is also art, and it too is physical and choreographed.It is possibly one of the hardest sports to master, as it requires the use of literally every muscle in your body while also putting on a performance on the slipperiest surface imaginable. Acting is a form of art In-ring performance is only one slice of the much larger pie that is pro wrestling.Wrestling has evolved, adapted and adopted other aspects into it to make the product seem fresh year after year in order to meet the needs and desires of the fans.So while the debate about whether it counts as a sport can be discussed until the sun comes up, we don't really ever hear anyone ask if pro wrestling counts as art. The idea of calling grown men in tights hitting each other with chairs "art" seems strange.

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