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SKU Private Sub cmd WMSupdate3() 'CHECK FOR DUPS --------------------------------------------------- Dim dbs As Database Dim supervar As Date Dim str SQL As String Dim rst As Recordset Set dbs = Open Database(gs Database) 'do some insurance cleanup, sometimes drop table doesn't work On Error Resume Next dbs.

(If the scroll bar isn’t visible and the code text isn’t sequentially numbered at left, then your computer may have run low on memory and is not displaying this page correctly.

Clear 'Gets the code 2 data WITH THE APPROPRIATE MONTH FIELD str SQL = "SELECT FLDA, FLDB, FLDC, FLDD, " _ & The Prev Month _ & " INTO TEMPX From SOURCETABLE " _ & "WHERE CODE = '2' AND OTHERFLD = 'Y';" dbs.

Execute (str SQL) 'create new field for the standard report dbs.

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DATEFLD)Private Sub cmd Another Rpt_Click() Dim dbs As Database Dim str SQL As String Dim The Selected Month As String var CANCEL = False frm DATERANGE.

Refresh If var CANCEL Then Exit Sub the Current Month = "Blah Blah Report for " _ & CStr(Format(var ENDDATE, "mmmm")) the Prev Month X = Date Add("m", -1, var ENDDATE) The Prev Month = CStr(UCase(CStr(Format(the Prev Month X, "mmm")))) Set dbs = Open Database(gs Database) On Error Resume Next dbs.

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